In the legal world, most clients open with the question “What are my chances of winning?”  Before taking on any case, an in-depth evaluation is conducted to determine if it’s a win-win outcome for both parties – client and lawyer.  In evaluating cases, many factors are weighed to ascertain the probability of success: factual evidence, legal precedence, the firm’s existing case load and the prospective length of time in trial.  Achieving a win is the ideal goal; however, a “win” can come in different forms.   At Keenan, Ciccitto and Associates, we specialize in diverse practice areas like Real Estate Law, Municipal Law, Corporate Law, Wills and Estates, Commercial Law, Family Law, Personal Injury Claims and Criminal Defense.

Favorable Odds and Unexpected Outcomes

At first glance, a case may seem favorable particularly with factual evidence.   For example, with a personal injury claim, winning a case depends on the facts of your case; the witnesses, such as medical professionals; and the injuries you sustained.

Sometimes a win can be a reduction in a sentence or penalty.  At first glance, a DUI charge may seem like an open and shut case.  The state of Pennsylvania’s ever-changing laws and the harsh minimum sentences warrant counsel from an experienced law firm with a strong track record in DUI cases.   One size does not fit all with these type of cases.  A skilled defense attorney will pursue a case dismissal employing strategies like:

  • Diversion Program – For first time offenders, most Pennsylvania counties offer an alternative to mandatory one-year license suspensions, jail time and a permanent criminal record for DUI offenses through completion of the ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) program.  The ARD program varies from county to county and case to case, but typically involves community service, a drug and alcohol assessment, alcohol highway safety school, and payment of fees and restitution.  Several counties also offer other diversion programs, such as Drug Court, Veteran’s Court, and Behavioral Health Court, which can offer similar benefits for clients.
  • Probable Cause – An officer who is unable to clearly articulate what prompted suspicion provides the ideal opportunity for an arrest to be declared unconstitutional.
  • False Positives – Medications can influence a breathalyzer and blood test. If prescription intake or medical issues led to high blood alcohol content (BAC), then the reading could be proven inaccurate, thereby dismissing the case.

A Play It Straight Approach

Any attorney with integrity will have an objective conversation about case’s strengths and weaknesses.  An upfront conversation is essential to any successful attorney-client relationship. If an attorney does not provide a case evaluation, and outline the best and worst case scenario, then your best interest is of little to no concern to them.  At Keenan, Ciccitto and Associates, we can attest that most cases have a weakness.  You want to know about both the strengths and weaknesses of your case because both impact the value of your case.

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