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The law firm of Keenan, Ciccitto & Associates, LLP enjoys and is successful at land development projects. An example of that work is the recently completed Providence Place at the Collegeville Inn, a 160 unit assisted living facility with related amenities located in Lower Providence Township.

The project was constructed at the site of the old Collegeville Inn, which had sat mostly vacant for approximately ten years.  Thomas M. Keenan, Esq. was requested by the new owner of this site to assist in obtaining all of the approvals necessary for the new land development.  The development, because of its size and location in a floodplain next to the Perkiomen Creek and Main Street bridge, required a complex and multi-faceted effort.

The development required reviews and approvals from the following federal, state and local agencies and departments:

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
    • Waterway Encroachment Approval
    • NPDES Permit
    • Sewer Facilities Planning Approval
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    • Highway Occupancy Permit
    • Structural Approval of work adjacent to the bridge
  • Lower Providence Regional Sewer Authority – construction of an interceptor
  • Lower Providence Township Sewer Authority – sewage capacity rights
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Montgomery County Conservation District
  • Utility providers
  • Lower Providence Township
    • Zoning Hearing Board
    • Planning Commission
    • Fire Marshall
    • Traffic Engineer
    • Board of Supervisors

Mr. Keenan’s history of municipal and land development work in this area over the last 35 years enabled the development to progress quickly and reach a successful resolution.  Mr. Keenan and partner Rowan Keenan worked with the owner/developer, project engineer, township engineer, traffic engineer, community planner, zoning officer and land development manager, other township staff, and neighboring residents to apply for necessary approvals and permits, coordinate reviews, modify plans, present information, address questions and concerns, and ultimately obtain the conditional use and variance approvals and  development agreement required for completion of the project.

The facility is now referred to as Providence Place at the Collegeville Inn.  It is an attractive, extremely useful and well-run addition to Lower Providence Township and the surrounding area. It provides a wonderful home to many senior citizens and a lovely entrance to the Township.

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